Build Your Own Aquarium

Creating the Perfect Tank is as Easy as 1-2-3

Fish-keeping is all about color, movement, style and life. Hobbyists want their aquarium to not only thrive and be successful, but also to reveal a little about their own personalities.

You'll find it easier than ever with Petco's Build Your Own Aquarium Tool. We have a wide variety of beautiful tanks and stands by Central Aquatics, the world's largest producer of aquariums and terrariums, and a leading supplier of high-end aquatics brands like, All-Glass Aquarium, Aqueon, Coralife, and Oceanic. Our goal is to help every aquatic hobbyist, from beginners to experts, create and maintain a beautiful, thriving fresh and saltwater/reef environment for all aquatic life. All it takes is a few clicks to build an aquarium that fits your style and space.

  1. STEP 1 - Choose Your Aquarium

    Select your tank. You'll be able to choose the shape, size, color and style. We will present you with the best options in filtration and lighting for the tank you've selected.

  2. STEP 2 - Select Additional Features

    Customize your aquarium with a matching stand and hood, offered in many styles and finishes.

  3. STEP 3 - Review Your Configuration

    Once it's just the way you want it, you can print your aquarium details and bring it to your local Petco store to place your order for in-store pickup, or place your order online and have it delivered to you.

Give it a try and see how fun and easy Petco has made it to create an aquarium that fits your style.

If you have any questions along the way, click the "more info" links for helpful explanations and tips to consider for your aquarium setup.
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